Skipping a Day of Content Won’t Destroy Your Website, I Swear

I am unbelievably anal about content going up every single day and at particular times of each day.  I’ve been that way since day one.  I can’t help it.  Even if I’m away for a week I schedule out content so that every single day that I’m away the sites are covered.  The thing is, I don’t really think there’s anything inherently wrong with this from a quality perspective.  It’s nice for readers of this site or any other site that I own to know that they can depend on the sites having fresh content every single day at a specific time.  But what I tend to fail to realize is that if I skipped a day of content, the world wouldn’t end and nor would my business.  God forbid the readers would have to wait another day to read the stuff I’m putting out there.  The reality is this:

I’m not so big a publisher where it’ll matter

I’d have to have a pretty big website (not to mention ego) to think that the world depends on me for the information I’m putting out.  Fact of the matter is I don’t get 200 million monthly unique visitors and I’m not a central hub for all things whatever.   I create niche websites that provide information on a finite amount of subjects.  Hardly the kind of stuff that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention the minute it goes live.  The reality is that I’m a small part of the web where my readers aren’t going to lose sleep if content goes up every single day.  And frankly I’m 100% OK with that.  There’s way less pressure.  Skipping a day here and there will literally have zero effect on my business.

It’s not going to destroy my business

It’s one thing to take your sites offline for a month.  That’s gonna get you into some trouble.  Same goes for any business.  If you cease operations for too long, things are going to suffer.  But if a week goes by, the world will have lived and so too will your businesses.   How do I know this?  My sites were hacked and went offline for an entire week.   In the grand scheme of things, while that week was absolutely awful, in hindsight I realize that it was a teeny tiny blip in the overall life of my business.  Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with being anal (more to the point responsible and precise) about your operations but running into a speed bump isn’t going to slow you down all that much.  It’s the long term that matters.

It won’t affect my life in any way

Unless I let stuff like this affect my life, then there’s no reason it has to.  That’s the illusion we tend to create for ourselves.  If I miss a day of work, I’ll be fired.  If I miss a day of work, I’m 100% screwed.  If I miss a day of work, I’ll never catch up.  Face it folks, you’re not getting fired for missing a day of work.  You’re not screwed, and of course you’ll catch up.  What’s the matter you’ll have to delete an extra 50 emails?  Give it a rest.  Life is not affected by a small pause.  If anything it’s time to reflect.  Speaking of which…

A day off is important here and there

Want to recharge your batteries?  Take a day off.  Take a week off.  Take some time off damnet!  Sit on your ass and do nothing.  That’s not time wasted.  I promise you.  It’s time well spent.

So what’s the lesson?

Make days off intentional rather than wait for tragedy to strike to realize that things are OK.  Don’t wait for the alarms to sound in order to recognize that life and business will go on.   You know the analogy I’d like to use here?  Human beings tend to be most grateful and rise to many occasions when the worst is upon us.  Look at how we respond to natural disasters or tragedies like 9/11.  The nation tends to become “one.”  Patriotism rises and the human nature of wanting to help others is at its apex.  We are kinder to one another during these times and we are more sensitive to trying to make the world a better place.  But wouldn’t the world be a better place if every single day you went up to a complete stranger and asked them how they’re day is going?  Wouldn’t you feel nice if someone said to you, “hope you’re having a great day?”  Unfortunately it’s in great times of distress that we wake up and treat others how we’d want to be treated.  Well, the same goes for business.  We shouldn’t wait until tragedy to realize that it’s “OK.”  We needn’t have our entire business hit the fan to step away for a while.  Step away during the process.  Be nice to your business.   Be nice to yourselves.  It makes life all that healthier.  Maybe that analogy isn’t the greatest one but I think you catch my drift.

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