It’s Extremely Important to Escape Life Consistently But Not Too Much

One of the most annoying things that happens to me when I finish writing an article is trying to think of a topic for the next article.  I often find myself endlessly scrolling headlines and articles to try and draw some inspiration so I can think of my next topic. When I can’t think of an idea I feel hopeless.  It’s a truly debilitating feeling.  When this happens I always try and take a step back, take a few breaths, calm down, and relax.  Because I know that when I’m having trouble finding ideas, it’s because I’m pressing.  It’s because I’m trying way too hard.  Instead of letting the ideas come to me, I’m in seeking mode.  I don’t know about you guys, but for me, seeking mode is always the kiss of death for me.  It simply isn’t natural.  Pushing for things to happen is fine but if you push too hard it can become destructive.  Am I saying that everything is simply supposed to come to you?  Of course not.  But there’s a difference between being in a productive mode because you’re focused on the task at hand, and seeking out things when you truly don’t have a clue what you’re looking for.  Often times when I’m in this seeking mode, one of the ways I seek refuge is to simply “escape life” for a little bit.  I try to put my brain on vacation.  And most times I do this, afterwards the ideas tend to flow a little bit easier.  Before I go into ways I choose to escape life I also think it’s important to differentiate between constructive ways to escape life and abusive ways to escape life.

Constructive ways to escape life

If you’re going to escape life then there needs to be a purpose behind it.  Not only should there be a purpose, there should also be an intended outcome.  I’ve made my arguments about intended outcomes before because all of this is connected to how we spend our time.  You might remember me saying something along the lines of “spending time is done right if you can fulfill the intended outcome of spending that time.”  So let’s say you’ve been working for 10 hours straight and you take a break to take a nap.  Is that time well spent?  You’re damned right it is assuming you needed the break and that nap would revive you. But what if you take 3 naps just for the sake of taking 3 naps?  Depends on what your intended outcome is and whether or not that outcome serves a true purpose.  The same goes for watching television which is probably one of life’s greatest escapes.  It’s perfectly OK to watch television.  It’s simply not OK to abuse it.

Abusive ways to escape life

Here’s something I might get flack for but I don’t care.  Sometimes using a recreational drug can be a productive escape for life.  If once in a very blue moon you decided to experiment with a psychotropic substance like mushrooms in order to gain new perspective and it was done in a controlled environment, that might very well be a constructive escape.  If you’re doing mushrooms every single day, then it becomes abusive.  And that’s the difference.  Once you go from “this is good for me” to “this is bad for me” a constructive life escape can immediately become destructive.  Let’s not confuse or conflate the two.

10 great methods to escape life

What are some effective ways to constructively escape life?  When I think of escaping life I think of “being in the moment” that has very little to do with the day to day rigors of emotional, physical, and financially demanding aspects of our lives.  Now, there are obviously millions of ways to escape life but I want to focus on 10 that are simple, cheap, and extremely easy to do.

  1. Exercise – I don’t care how obvious or cliche it sounds, exercise is far and away my number one when it comes to escaping life.  If you can really get “in it” when you’re exercising it’s hard to think of anything else.  And if you are thinking of anything else, it’s pretty rare that you’re thinking in a negative or illogical way.  Exercise just gets your body and brain going in a way that almost no other activity can.
  2. Taking a walk – No, taking a walk isn’t just for old people.  It’s for everyone.  The better the scenery on said walk?  The better the escape factor.  Walking has a very similar effect to exercise.  It’s not quite as effective but it’ll do.
  3. Watching TV or a movie – If you’re in a pissed off kind of a mood and you need a distraction, a good TV show and movie will always do the trick.  It’s a fantastic way to put aside life for a little while and just allow yourself to fall deep into another world.
  4. Reading of any kind – Same effect as watching a movie or TV show.  However, with reading you can be even more imaginative because you get to create your own visuals.
  5. Travel – this includes something small like taking a drive just to get away for a bit or something big like getting on a plan and going to Hawaii.
  6. Seeing a friend or relative – Nothing gets your mind off of things better than seeing someone you care about or love.  Plus they’re the ones you support you so it’s OK lean on them when you need to.
  7. Playing an instrument – I happen to play piano and it’s a fantastic escape as well as mechanism to “refocus” my brain when I need to.
  8. Food indulgences – I’m not telling you to eat a gallon of ice cream but I am saying scarfing down something delicious is always a great escape from reality.
  9. Meditation and Yoga – Look, I’m not really into either of these but I don’t deny that they work.  I’ve tried both and they 100% work.  I just don’t have the patience for either.
  10. Home projects – Need to fix that doo hickey in the basement?  Get to it.  Need to clean up your lawn?  Get to it.  Don’t put off this stuff, especially when you need a break from the real world.

More ideas – as I said there are a zillion more but these are the ones I’d most turn to in times where I feel I need an escape.

Always remember reality

The reason I titled this article “consistently but not too much” is because I think it’s extremely important to keep a grip on reality.  Sure you might be “in the moment” at a casino when you get an extreme rush because of a win, but just make sure you check up on your reality when you find yourself using the ATM for the 5th time that night.  The key is knowing when to do which and how often.  Good luck.

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