How Peeing Sitting Down Massively Improved My Life

As a person in my 40s, I’ve reached the point where there are nights I have to wake up to piss.  It’s inevitable as you get older that your bladder just doesn’t hold as much as it used to.  It sucks.  You’re all disoriented and you have to navigate through the pitch black into the bathroom.  And then when you get in there you don’t want to turn on the lights because that’ll just totally screw with your equilibrium.   So you inevitably have to feel your way around and the last thing you want to do is piss in the bowl from memory, but that’s what you end up doing.  Like I said, it’s either that or risk turning the lights on which is a total nightmare not to mention makes it super annoying to go back to sleep.  So what’s the solution here?  Well, you can do one of those little night light things that go in the wall.  We have one of those.  But it’s still pretty dark in that scenario.  So what do I do?  One day I just said screw it and decided to sit on the bowl and pee sitting down.  I have say, it was glorious.  No worries about aiming. I could pretty much leave my eyes closed.  Got right up, got into bed and went right back to sleep.  But it didn’t stop there and here’s why:

It’s all about efficiency

You might think this is just a simple article that gives me an excuse to justify and write about peeing sitting down.  You know something?  You’ve got a point there.  But I’m still right and let me explain exactly how.  Let’s first explore the night example.  Before I began to pee sitting down I was faced with two really crappy issues.  The first one was having to piss in the dark.  The second one was having to turn the light on to piss.  Either one of those scenarios produced significantly more stress thus making it much harder for me to go to sleep.  What does that mean?  Less alertness during the day.  It also means less focus, concentration, higher stress levels, and another myriad of mental and physical symptoms that could reduce my overall performance.  But peeing sitting down?  It kept my stress levels lower.  It kept me closer to the R.E.M. sleep I desperately need to function.  In fact, peeing sitting down even lead to me not having to pee at all at night.  Most nights now I can sleep 6-7 hours straight giving me a perfect night’s sleep which sets me up for optimal performance the next day.  And that’s just peeing sitting down at night.  What about at all times?

I took the concept even further.  I’ll pee sitting down during the day too.  Why?  So I don’t have to stand up.  Do the math.  Let’s say I piss 5 times in a day and each piss lasts around 30 seconds.  That’s 2 and a half minutes of standing up per day.  That’s close to 18 minutes a week.  We’re talking over an hour a month where I’m resting instead of standing.  Doesn’t seem like much but it definitely makes a difference.  And what about the clean up factor?  If I’m peeing sitting down there’s 0% chance of me missing the bowl or having to clean anything up.  But if I’m peeing standing up I run the risk of missing the bowl and then having to clean up.  That’s unnecessary work not to mention I could slip and hit my head on the bowl.  Yes, all silly stuff but when you look at mathematics and odds, peeing sitting down is WAY more optimal then peeing standing up.  It has zero to do with masculinity and everything to do with efficiency and performance.

Peeing sitting down is only one example

And it’s not just peeing sitting down that can make massive changes.  There are 100s if not 1000s of things in your life where if you made a small tweak, in time they could make massive results. Let me give you another example of a small change I made that results in tremendous progress.  Do you have a garbage in your office?  Most of us do.  It’s totally common to not have to get up when you need to throw something in the trash.  But what about the fact that people who sit down most of the day would benefit from taking occasional walks and mini breaks?  Evidence is overwhelming that sitting down for an entire day isn’t ideal for the human body.  However, how many people are still out there sitting down in front of a screen for 8-12 hours practically without getting up even once?  Lots.  My solution?  Move your garbage to a far away area if not another room altogether.  I don’t know about you but I tend to use my garbage at least 4-5 times a day.  Since I moved my garbage to another room it forced me to get up every single time I needed to use the garbage.  I mean sure, I could have been lazy and let crap pile up but obviously you get my drift here.  Moving the garbage forced me to take these mini breaks that I might not have taken on my own.  And what results in getting up more throughout the day?  Less stress.  Better back posture.  Tiny little things that over time produce a mentally and physically better version of myself.

What small changes can you make?

See that?  I told you it wasn’t just about justifying the fact that I’m a male who likes to pee sitting down (OK, maybe a little).  What we’re really talking about here is that sometimes it’s not incredibly hard to make major changes in life by making small tweaks.   Those small tweaks accumulate over time almost in the same way that interest compounds.  Before you know it your savings making significant gains once enough time lapses. So now the question turns to you.  What small changes can you make in your life that might lead to a significant impact?  Start by thinking about your life at work.  Then think about your life at home.  Then you might want to explore your health.  Maybe it’s something as small as cutting out soda.  Maybe it’s something as tiny as getting a different pair of shoes.  You just never know.  But the quicker you examine yourself and take action, the better off you’ll be.

Man, all that writing made me have to take a piss.  I’ll definitely be sitting down though.

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